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Default Copy Protection

I have a question about your form of copy protection. You have opted to use a hardware fingerprinting system with Bone Episode 1 (I'm not sure about 2, maybe you could clarify that) and thats one of the chief reasons I have chosen not to buy this product.

The reason being that, and you've acknowleded this on your forum before, that you must 're-activiate' the product every single time a piece of hardware changes in your system. That is probably very painless for the most part, but what about when your website goes down? Oh well right? Just wait a few days. What if (and a large if) the company went down? What if you moved on and no longer cared about bone?

The point is that Bone is only playable for as long as you deem it fit. Once that link between the game and website is broken the game is useless. Now, I know you've said "there will be a patch" but thats the same speech valve has given me about steam and its not a band-aid.

If online authentication is attached to a single player game then I refuse to buy it. I know you are probably trustworthy and would release a patch, but why not ask the many companies over the years why they went under? Telltale is just like everyone else.....eventually things change and you won't be around that worries me about Bone and my continued ability to play it years down the line.

I still play King's Quest all the years later because of its amazing experience, I just want to be able to say the same about your games.
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