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Originally Posted by Bastich
With the exception of a couple slider puzzles, it didn't really require any thought and with the exception of some of the Dark Realm fights, it wasn't too hard on the action side either.
I was so pissed off when the final boss batle came and all of my weapons got taken away (I'm not spoiler-tagging it as it's not really a spoiler, more of a warning for those who haven't played it yet). I've spent so much time maxing them out just so I could have it easier with the final boss. Luckily, I had enough healing items so I managed to beat him on my first go.

Did you manage to finish all the training rounds? Hats off to you if you did, some of the later criticals were way out of my league. Occasionally I'd manage to pull them off accidentally, but not consecutively, as the training required.
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