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Originally Posted by such great heights
I'm about 90% done with the Shadows of Amn part of Baldur's Gate II. I could be well into the expansion pack right now, but a stupid romance event won't trigger and...well...yes.
Most of the bg2 romances can be easily fast fowarded via the console (there are numerous guides on the web on this topic). The only really difficult one is Jaheira's which comes with a couple of hoops that must be jumped through in a particular act or its screwed.

If you're just trying to cue the romance up in order to see the epilogue/events in TOB you can probably get by just changing the 'in love' variable and winding up SOA (that is, assuming you're not running one of the custom romance mods out there. I saw there's even one of those for Imoen - is that incest?)
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