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Originally Posted by Jazhara7
After Civ2 the series jumped the shark, if you ask me. I have Civ 3, and it's not as enjoyable as Civ 2 or Civ 1. (I want to build my palace! Or my throne room! Anything!)

Somebody told me that Civ 4 (I think it was Civ 4) is closer to the old concepts again. Would that be true, I ask of you? I don't know if I should buy it, or keep on searching for a cheap copy of Civ 2 Gold Edition (which I'm probably going to do anyway. Those fantasy scenarios were great fun.).

I haven't played Civ 3, but Civ 4 seems very close to the original ones to me... except that it's more user friendly, more beautiful, and, dare I say, funner than Civ 2 (I'm still a sucker for Civ 1, though, because I'm not made to think in isometric ).
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