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I second the recommendation for George R.R. Martin.

I used to be a huge Terry Goodkind fan about five years ago, but not so much anymore. It's probably a combination of his writing style getting progressively preachier and my tastes maturing somewhat.

Elizabeth Haydon's Symphony of Ages was a favourite of mine as well at one point, but might be too estrogen-filled for some people here. There also used to be an excellent community surrounding these books, but it's declined in quality over the last year or so... too many middle-aged women and such.

Tolkien and Jordan bored me so much that I couldn't get past their first books, and so did Tad Williams, though slightly less so. Then again, I have a short attention span.

Gaiman is awesome (especially Neverwhere and his book of short fiction, Smoke and Mirrors), and Pratchett is funny but not really all that engaging.
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