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Well, would I need to buy anything else besides the game? I mean, I don't need to go buy a microphone for voice chat or anything, right? I can swing $30 for the game no problem (I have a $5 Best Buy coupon!). I haven't played online multiplayer before, but if you don't mind having someone new at it, I think it would be an interesting experience.

And what would the play schedule be like? Being in different timezones might make it difficult.

When I was playing NWN, I was a Bard character, but didn't like that one so much. It was probably because I spoiled the game by cheating and leveling up all the way (but I wouldn't do that for this sort of thing). I could try being a tank character or a priest. I think I prefer someone with at least a little bit of spellcasting ability. Shoot. I forgot about the rogue class. Or maybe a thief/mage. Or Thief/cleric. I dunno. Dammit, now I'm excited.
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