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Left to right - Qbert, Battlezone, Tempest.

Originally Posted by Retro Fusion
Dedicated to bringing back the memories of your childhood...
LOL!!! Many of you guys weren't even born then or weren't old enough yet to develop your motor skills to handle a joystick. Man, I was weaned on arcade games!! I mean true arcade, the ones at the cornershop and the strip malls and I had to save a week's worth of quarters only to lose to them in a couple hours. Galaxa, Donkey Kong, Pacman, Miss Pacman, Battlezone, Space Invaders, Qbert, Tempest - I've played a lot of them.

My favourite was Battlezone, because it was set up where you actually use a 'periscope' and when you look through it it felt so real because it was in 3D stereoscope! Gawd, I spent hours on that thing after school.

I love the idea of a 'zine dedicated to old school gaming, even though I have no interest in it myself (for the obvious reasons). It's great to know that today's young gamers have a sense of history and continuity of games and gaming culture.
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