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Default "Retro Fusion" - magazine for the retro gamer

Retro Fusion

Originally Posted by press release
A new retro magazine called Retro Fusion will exclusively be sold at Gamestation stores from the beginning of April 2006. The magazine will take you back in time and celebrate everything that defined your youth.

In issue 1 we look at the The A-Team TV series, Star Wars Toys and the Sonic the Hedgehog games as well as a myriad of other features that will tickle your nostalgic memories and leave you with a nice warm feeling inside.

Guest writers this issue include Philip Oliver, from the Oliver Brothers, exclusively writing in Retro Fusion on his memories of making the Dizzy games with his brother Andrew and Archer Maclean talking about how he lovingly restored a Pacman cabinet from disrepair back to its former glory.

The magazine is split into sections celebrating Arcade, Computers, Consoles and Nostalgia and comes in at 68-pages for the cover price of £3.00.

Can someone in the UK check this out and let us know if the magazine's any good?
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