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I heard Melinda and Melinda was one of his better films, if not his best in recent memory. A lot of the criticism towards Match Point seems extremely vehement although, on reading, justified... mainly that it's a very cold movie with characters you really don't care about, particularly Rhys-Myers.

The Guardian really didn't like it and I usually trust their reviews, saying that it didn't really nail British humour or dialogue on any level. Total Film, another one usually on the money, also called the dialogue "clunky". Empire, of course, loved it, but they usually do love the films they're supposed to - their forum on this film weighs heavily on the negatives. The twist is supposed to be the life-saver.

I need to see it myself. I really wanted to see it since the trailer, but I'd rather wait for DVD after doing the research. I didn't explain earlier but it's quite a trip to get to a cinema from here. On another note, I'm a big fan of Sweet and Lowdown...
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