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Yea I was actually going to say Anything Else is worth watching as well.

And jjacob: here was what I wrote regarding the cliched-ness of the plot
Originally Posted by the coolest guy in the universe
I basically feel that it wholly works with the movie because one of Cronenberg's goals was to comment on how inherrant and Darwinian violence is for humans. For me, Cronenberg was presenting a story that seems wholly unoriginally or borrowed from various influences, for instance the Western hero thrown into his violent past after trying to leave it behind when it suddenly catches up to him, the whole school bully plot, the comforting small town rocked by the big city immorality, etc, on purpose. The groteque and gory violence (which I think succeeds in both thrilling and disturbing the audience), wrapped up in such a cliche-ridden plot seemed to comment on how violence entertains, or rather, intrigues us even though modern society tries to repress it. The fact that in general the violence in the movie was one of the more intriguing aspects of the viewing experience while also going so far as to disgust me only helped me come to that conclusion. That and the fact that Cronenberg isn't any ordinary director; he's both incredibly intelligent (just listen/read to some of his interviews) and interested in things like inhumanity-from-humanity themes. So I don't know if it was necessarily intended, but that's how I read it, and in general the subversiveness of his film in dealing with several layers of narrative interpretation made it one of the top movies of the year for me. Match Point only barely beat it.
You probably did see it but it probably just didn't do anything to change your mind about it. In any case, it seems your complaints are mostly in what I discuss there briefly, so maybe it'll work.
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