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Default Osawari Tantei -- Petition for translation!

Okay, folks, I've just been in touch with the publisher of Osawari Tantei Ozawa Rina, a Japanese adventure game for the Nintendo DS that has charmed many of us with its lovely artwork and nice design. (If you don't know what all the excitement is about, check out the many screenshots through the link above. Be sure to check out the second page for more, including some unofficial translations.)

I requested information about the possibility of an English translation and international release of this game, and their reply was that they didn't think there'd be enough overseas interest. Hoping to convince them otherwise, I created an online petition to show them there are many of us who would love to buy this game if it were released in English.

Please, please sign this, not only because there are a lot of people who might enjoy this game, but to send a message to Japanese publishers that we want to see more of their games translated... especially adventure games!

Those of you who are active on other gaming boards, please consider inviting others to join you in signing this petition. I'm not going to advertise this on boards where I've never contributed before, as I don't want to be seen as a spammer, but if you're known somewhere and are willing to help out this humble but noble cause, please post a link back to this forum message. That will give those who are unfamiliar with the game a chance to check out screenshots and other game info before they read the petition itself.

A big thanks for reading this, and an even bigger thanks to those who sign the petition! After we get together a good number of signatures, I'll forward the petition to the publisher, together with a Japanese translation.

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