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It wasn't marketed as mainstream, it was marketed as "Cronenberg's new independent film", which is even more worrying. I really don't see why he would explain the movie in such a way (the Darwinian thing) - if he really wanted to touch that subject he should've chosen different material to base a movie on, not the so-many-nth ex-gangster is confronted with his former life flick. I enjoyed Naked Lunch because it was different, I hated this film because it's been done to death. I can't find your comments regarding predictability, so you're going to have to quote that to me.

I do think he's losing his edge, and I don' think he was doing his own thing with this film, it caters to much to Hollywoodesque cliches to be viewed in such regard. Now tell me if I'm wrong or crazy here, but isn't a film supposed to be entertaining and possibly thought provoking? (which is exactly what I expected this to be after reading some reviews) To me this film is neither, and the predictability just adds to that.
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