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Hmm. Resurrecting this thread after Dale pointed it out...

I'm with Pink, Trep... IMHO, IRC's strength is its simplicity. You can easily chat with anyone you like anywhere, with whatever client you want, without having to worry about signing up for several different accounts and using several proprietary clients (or worrying about the IM service locking out your third-party all-in-one client tomorrow).

It also beats things like Java chatrooms, IMHO. I like being able to use my own customized client instead of having to deal with a Java chat with quirks I can't change (and which is more likely to bog down my browser). Of course, you can always use a Java IRC client if you want to, anyway.

What sort of sophistication do you need, out of curiousity? You can already private chat, full chat, pass files, "buddy list" notifications, send colored text, and most clients offer some kind of scripting ability. Depending on what IRC network you use, you might also be able to do stuff like, say, roll D&D dice macros. IMHO most everything else is fluff, and you can always just pick some IRC client that lets you use it. About the only thing I really miss on IRC is the ability to see if someone's typing a reply or not.

At any rate, it would be nice to have a AdventureGamers IRC channel. I rarely ever go onto IM networks because the people I talk to regularly all use IRC, and it's easier to chat with them there. But I'd even reluctantly settle for a Java chat room or something, if it meant I could dish with y'all sometimes.

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