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"too original"?
Well, for more details..
There's a 3D world and you look through the eyes of your hero. There are three people at your choise, two men and one girl (the girl is possible only after you've played as one of the man).
You arrive at the small village. After some time an epidemic starts - some strange unknown disease spreads with great speed. You have to investigate those events.
The world is actually rather big, and you can use the map just for navigation, you travel all the way by foot. You visit different people, seeking for some cure. The game is played in realtime (five minutes=1hour, if I remember correctly), and there are twelve days. You have a notebook, where all important information goes to. There are "main objectives", which influence the whole storyline, and some other goals, which are not nesessary to finish (like in RPG). There are several endings.
In your travel you can enter every house, there are people walking on streets (you get some information from them, make barters or just kill them); characters necessary for the story usually sit in their houses, and you make some tasks for them. While you talk to the character the choises you make often influence future events.
You get lots of items (by trading, finding in houses, streets or corpses), get food and medicine (which is, along with sleep, is nesessary for your survival), get weapon (there are 6 types or so, though it is rarely used - it's often a choise, use it or not), you look for your reputation (if it is low, people will hate you ) and so on.
It is actually rather complex game, but the story and characters are very good. Every scenario is unique, though all three heroes live through the same 12 days and even meet from time to time.
The nearest game I can think of is Quest for Glory 4.
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