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Originally Posted by Dobee
is it preferential to create a new thread on the same topic rather than replying to the old threads??

but it will make people go back and forth this and that threads for the same topic if they need the info...i prefer topics to be consolidated!
There is no universal rule - you have to decide on case-to-case basis, really. Some topics, like the "How old are you?" poll, become out-of-date very quickly, and it makes little sense to drag such thread from the dead after a year or so. On the other hand, there are very specific subjects, most notably hint requests, where it's advisable to do a little research before creating a new one.

Always search the forums for similar topics and make a choice you feel would be more suitable according to what you find. If you really can't make up your mind, it's probably better to start a new thread, as it's way easier for moderators to merge the topics (or to lock one and ask the people to continue in another) than to split them.
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