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Guys, it's elementary, okay? fov explained it.

Simply put, you know what to do. If you want to start a thread, select the most appropriate forum for it - i.e., adventure game topics start in Adventure Games; hint requests in Hint forum; questions about how this forum works in Forum Feedback. Etc., etc.

If you want a thread to stay where it is categorically, STAY ON TOPIC. Period.

If a thread strays (i.e., people start making silly remarks and others make more silly remarks in response), the mods move it to Chit Chat.

EDIT: Also, there are those of us here who are making A LOT OF UNNECESSARY WORK FOR THE MODS. Please, guys, cut it out. They are NOT getting paid for working here and they're very hardworking as it is. Try to stay on topic and be more mindful of where you choose to start a thread and be respectiful of the original topic of the thread. Thanks.
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