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Originally Posted by tsa
I posted about the controls of this game somewhere, and somebody told me to use two hands: one on the asdw keys and one on the mouse. Haven't tried it yet but that seems a good solution.
Yeah, that's how I play games like Splinter Cell and even Call of Duty (although I still bind forward movement to the right mouse button). I tried it on the demo and it's not as though it were impossible. But the fact that there wasn't even a toggle key to make the character always run is a real pain. It's a hastle having to double tap the forward key (the "w" key) to run every time (and I do mean every time because walking around in such a large environment is something that I don't personally have too much patience for ). And sometimes it didn't work because it didn't catch or something because I was too slow or too quick in my double tap. I might give the game a chance when it sells in the budget game section for $10 at Target, though!
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