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Originally Posted by Karmillo
Im Scottish, we dont have an anthem, give me a break...
No, I thought you knew better...

I honestly did...

Really honestly.

Reeeaaallly honestly.


I don't know anymore... It's so... It's been so long and horrible things have happened since.

No, seriously, I didn't mean that I was correct. I was probably wrong. Or was I? I think I was. However, in another universe, actually in quite many (this is assuming the theory on them is correct), I'm correct. somewhere the anthem goes: "USA is not as good a place to live as Finland! Hyvä Suomi, te olette parempia. Visit!" Of course that is assuming the theory is 100% correct. Of course why would that be like that? Why would it have to be? Is the space infinite?

Oh, and umm... Neo is thought to be the Chosen One in the Matrix. These are spoiler tags, you have to have a spoiler in them, right? Why would I use them, if they didn't have a spoiler? I'll ask you that.

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