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Originally Posted by rtrooney
And there is nothing particularly intuitive about clicking on the logo, which requires one to scroll up, rather than down, as a way to get to the main page. I know how it works now, and know how to do it.
We're adventuie gamers. We're expected to thnk laterally and click on everything. (Hmmm. This logo seems to be a hotspot. I wonder what it does )

Speaking personally I've always found the logo intuitive plus there does seem to be a link at the bottom that points to the main page. Normally I don't use it though because instinctively I go the other way. I'd browse articles on the main site and then head into the forums. If something on the main site is mentioned in the forums someone usually posts a direct link to the specific article. the only reason I'd go the other way was if I was on th efoums and suddenly remembered I hadn't checked out the main site in a while.

Second the appreciation of the staff here. Always happy to be here and have such a good here to come to.
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