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Originally Posted by stuboy
FORWARD THIS MESSAGE TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW or else they will die horribly as well.
Do I have to forward it to people I know but don't like?
If you forward to at least ten people though you will became more attractive to everyone and will make m,oney ££££££££$$$$$$$$£££££££££££££ £$$$$$$$ very easy.
But I'm already very attractive to everyone. The money would come in handy though.
Irony alert!
I just thought I'd cover my ass.
Hey, we're all relaxed easy-going types here. You want to let your ass hang out you go ahead.
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A thread most controversial, that’s what I want to start
Full of impassioned arguments, of posting from the heart
And for this stimulation all will be thankful to me
On come on everybody it won’t work if you agree
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