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Originally Posted by Karmillo
A completly random guess here....Battleship Potempkin?
This one's already answered (Erich von Stroheim's Greed). The up-to-date list is as follows (note that I evaluated #2):

1. During the final speech of this movie, Gérard Depardieu's character gradually loses his voice. In fact, the actor really was barely able to speak after numerous reshoots, and the director decided his exhausted whisper will work great in said scene. Name the film.

2. In this classic, we never learn the names of most of the characters and the plot involves, among other things, two knifes, several votings and a simulation of an old man walking. Name the film.

3. Name this film -

4. Robby the Robot most famous for Forbidden Planet(1956) and the Lost in Space TV show (Danger Will Robinson!!) has made various guest appearances in other movies. name 2 80's movies in which he appears.

5. What classic Western had a "Yee Haa scene" that was talked about and imitated by characters in a later film, City Slickers?
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