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Originally Posted by AFGNCAAP
2. Three consecutive episodes of what series entered the main competition of Venice, Berlin and Cannes festival, respectively?
Krzysztof Kiesloski's Three Colors trilogy (Blue, White, and Red)

Originally Posted by AFGNCAAP
5. Which actor played on screen three different parts from Hamlet in three different films of the 1990s?
Michael Maloney. This was trickiest question yet. I knew he played in Mel Gobson's Hamlet in 1990 and Kenneth Branagh's Hamlet in 1996. I was stumped until I recalled that he was the character who plays Hamlet in Branagh's Midwinter's Tale. Great question, heh.

Originally Posted by Hamham Chan
That's correct, now you have to think of a question to replace #4.

Replacement Questions for #2 and #5:

2. In the climax of this Japanese film, a steady barrage of real arrows were fired from offscreen by expert archers to land within inches of the lead actor. His terrified look is 100% honest, no acting required. Name the film.

5. Name this 1960 French classic -

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