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Here's the revised question list:

1. In Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange, the character Alex terrorizes an old man and his wife in their house, and later in the film after his "treatment", he returns to the same house. During both visits, there is a sign outside the house that says a simple four letter word. What's the word?

2. Name the instrument used to create the very memorable and famous musical theme for The Third Man.

3. Akira Kurosawa attempted suicide after his first color film bombed. Name the film.

4. This 1952 French film, set during World War II, was about a little girl obsessed with death after witnessing the murder of her parents and dog. She befriends a young boy who helps her to steal crosses so they can bury all kinds of dead animals in their own little cemetary. Name the film.

5. What is the famous final line of the Billy Wilder comedy, Some Like it Hot? Hint: Two words.
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