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Originally Posted by seebaruk, the guy who really ain't gonna win a thing
Not sad at all, cos I'm gonna win, I'll be all like 'haha!' and you'll be all like 'boo hoo I suck'
Close, but no cigar. I think it'll be you who'll be all like "Boo-hoo, I lost!" and I'll be all like "Woo-hoo, I won!" As for what I do on dates, that's beside the point.

Originally Posted by Loo-hoo Zah-her
Bring it on sucka!
Don't think I'll let you win just because you flirt with me.

Originally Posted by Poor, Pitiful, Karmillo
Oh its on, I bringing it on all over your ass! and then ill be tacking it of on all over....the........uhhhh

Yes...go on.
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