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Originally Posted by rtrooney
Isn't that the issue. Isn't the ideal to make AG as transparent as possible? If it becomes a bother to anyone, look for solutions rather than workarounds.

I've been in the marketing business since I graduated from college in 1969, and got my MBA in marketing in 1972. Trust me. Telling someone that what they want to do is a "bother" to the powers that be is a sure way to lose a customer.

I hope you are not speaking for the people who have the right to actually speak on this topic.
rtooney, with due respect, please try and understand. tabacco works very, very hard to ensure that Adventure Gamers is the very best site of its kind. Also, he does a huge amount work for Idle Thumbs site and community. So think about: two major gaming sites, two major gaming communities. It takes a lot of time (often hours and hours on end) to tweak things and adjust them to be as efficient and as intuitive as possible for everyone. He does this for free, he is not getting paid for it. He is very busy with school AND with his regular day job. Working at AG is practically a full time job on top of all that and he is incredibly devoted. I'm really in awe of him, and if I had the power I'd give him lots of money and send him off on a long vacation ( along with a crapload of awesome free games).

Everyone here at AG is very dedicated to make sure this site is as good as it gets. We are as professional as we can possibly be. Many of us work full time or are full time students. We take suggestions and criticisms to heart, we really do, and your contributions are deeply appreciated.
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