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OK, done.

First, I'd like to thank Jeysie for this great idea. I hadn't played BASS in a couple of years, so I'm glad to play it again; and this thread makes me really try every possible thing, which is great.

A few random comments:

1) The CD intro (with the comic) is awful. And it lacks the cool intro music from the shorter version.

2) The acting is not great, but better than I remembered.

3) The game itself is great. The story's gripping, and yet it manages to be fun all the time. I guess that's the Revolution touch.

4) Exposition is hard, and BASS completely fails. I mean, Foster is supposed to be a security inspector, and then he starts asking Hobbins questions that anybody living in the city would know the answer to. Doesn't prevent me from enjoying the game, though.

5) The sound effects are *so* annoying.

6) Joey is great. One of the best sidekicks ever. The part after the furnace scene (which Jeysie mentioned) is just so fun: 'Hi, I'm Barbie and I love you!'

7) Of course, I love the gameplay, the fact that the gameworld slowly expands, and that you have to come back almost to the first screen much later on in the game, to solve puzzles you couldn't solve at first. That's really the way I like games to work.

More next week, I guess.
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