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Originally Posted by eriq
I have been meaning to place this game ALL the way through at somepoint. I always start and play through the first seven screens and then quit. Is it really that classic? What makes it so good?? Must be because a lot of people seem to love this title...
This game has got a unique tone. It looks Balde Runner-ish, but the humor is very peculiar, almost closer to Monkey Island 1 than to anything else.
Plus it's really lively, thanks to a wacked cast of ordinary looking, yet deeply disturbed characters, who "live their own life" (read: they go from location to location independantly of your actions), and intertact with you in a slightly surreal way.
Frankly, seeing as it's freeware, I'd say it's a must play.

The only thing that prevents this game from being a true gem in my eyes is his short length and its related feeling of unsatisfaction. But then, the fact that I would feel frustrated not to be able to explore it more in depth is also a testimony to the game's magic.
...It's down there somewhere. Let me have another look.
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