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Bigjko: I have to admit that I didn't really mind the cabinet stuff or the lathe machine. I don't mind red herrings... it's a bit more realistic to have manipulatable stuff that does nothing but add to the atmosphere (er, if that made any sense).

Anyhoo, some of my own thoughts...


I agree that the intro worked better as the comic (which I also have), but I thought the dialogue part was all right.

I also agree that the story bit was a nice setup. When I first saw the intro I thought, "Oh, gee, the chopper crashed again, and he survived again, how cheesy and convenient!" Little did I realize I should have trusted the creators a bit more... (grin)

Sad note: Would you believe it never once occurred to me the first time I played the game that the story was set in future Australia? I didn't realize it until I read the Wikipedia article on the game fairly recently. A-doi!


I love Joey... what a sarcastic, snippy little snot. Of course, Foster himself is pretty sarcastic, so they make a great team.

Death scenes tally:

So far I've found one, probably the most obvious one.

Right at the beginning of the game, if you USE the steps while the guard is there. Zap, zap, you're dead!

Funny things to do:

Step on the elevator a bajillion times. Hee.

After the furnace scene, talk to Joey, then after you've exhausted all the conversation options, keeping re-initiating conversation with him and saying the remaning line over and over again. I totally missed that the first time I played the game.

The furnace scene:

That scene definitely blew me away (pun intended) the first time I played the game. After all, you spend the very first part of the game thinking Reich is at least one of the big bad guys you'll have to worry about later, and then suddenly he gets blown away by someone spying on you... ca-reepy!

I'm gonna go replay this section again later, but these are my thoughts for the moment.

Incidentally, this is the first time I've gotten to hear the music and voices while playing the game. I bought the actual CD version a while ago before the SCUMMVM team did their magic, and when I first played the game I had to run it in pure DOS and just could not get the sound to work. I haven't gotten a chance to play the SCUMMVM version until now.

Finally... for those of you who haven't played the game all the way through, I hope this thread will encourage you to... the end of the game is very intriguing!

Peace & Luv, Liz
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