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Default AG Community Game Playthrough #1: Beneath a Steel Sky

OK, folks, here we go... time to commence the first ever AG Community Game Playthrough! We'll be starting off with Revolution's quirky cyberpunk adventure, Beneath a Steel Sky.

The steps for participating are as follows:

Step 1: Install the game.

I recommend going to this fan's page and downloading the installer they've cooked up... it includes the latest version of SCUMMVM as well as the BaSS files themselves.

You can also go to the SCUMMVM downloads page and get the game and SCUMMVM that way.

Or if you're like me and happen to own a commercial copy of the game, feel free to be crazy and try getting it working in DOS.

Just get some copy of the game running somehow. Try to install the CD version of the game if your Net download bandwidth can handle it.

Don't forget to read the manual if you haven't played the game before! The fan installer download includes a copy of the manual, or you can download one from Replacement Docs. The interface is a little different from your average Sierra or LucasArts game.

Step 2: Watch the Intro.

Just like it says. Even if you've played the game before, watch it again to refresh your memory.

Step 3: Play and post!

Play the game up to our current playthrough point, which is:

As soon as you access the underground level.

(Stopping points so far have been:
1) Just after exiting the furnace room
2) As soon as you get the elevator down to the second level.
3) As soon as you enter LINC space)

Feel free to post in between sessions of playing the game, or wait until you've reached the stop point and then post, your choice. We'll experiment and see what works best.

You can post about anything you want... the quirky voice acting, the random CAPITAL LETTERS, the puzzles, graphics, music, plot points, characters, etc.

The current playthrough period will go until the end of Sunday, January 22nd.

Rules for this thread:

1. While nobody's going to police you to make sure you're actually playing the game instead of commenting from memory, joining in actually playing is encouraged whenever possible.

2. Explore everything! Be sure to poke through all the click events and dialogue you can. (In fact, I found something funny myself I hadn't noticed before while checking for a good stopping point.) Have fun!

3. Try to confine your comments to whatever has occured in the game up until the current stopping point. If you've played the game before, pretend you're a newbie experiencing the game just for the first time.

If you do want to post about something that's later in the game, use spoiler tags.

Of course, that only goes for *this* thread... since most of the reason for this whole experiment anyway is to generate retro game discussion, feel free to start any new threads about the game you like in the main Adventure forum.

Well, what are you waiting for? Go get playing!

Peace & Luv, Liz
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