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Originally Posted by Melanie68
I feel kind of stupid because I just deleted all my cookies and I perpetuated that advice and screwed other people up.
Don't fret about it. And, for everyone that thought I was mad, or angry, you were wrong. Well, not entirely wrong. I was mad, as a person might be mad who is stuck in a traffic jam. I was mad because of the situation, but not at any particular person.

I simply deleted as instructed, which turned out to be overkill. Live and learn.

However, to those that consider some of us stupid, or, to rephrase, less than competent users, because we didn't know the AG-centric cookie files to delete...we're not stupid, nor are you that smart.

As one of the Mods said, how can you expect staff to know what cookies are loaded by AG. If that is a legitimate question, how can anyone expect a casual user of AG to know the nuances of specific cookie removal, or even ask for guidance on same?

I would suggest, that from this point forward that "whenever an upgrade occurs in the future, that results in this type of problem, clearer directions be given as to how to solve a problem that, was in this instance, experienced by many, but expertly solved by few."
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