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Originally Posted by Jackal
Let's make this really simple. Anyone concerned about deleting all their cookies was more than welcome to ask if there was a way to target AG's specifically. Usually one asks such a question BEFORE taking a "drastic step" on the basis of the first suggestion they hear.

I'm sure such a question would have been responded to kindly and informatively.
First, I just want to say I love this site, and I appreciate all of the hard work the mods and administrators put into it for free and during their free time. But, I'm not really technologically savvy and I took the advice posted on the initial thread to just delete cookies. I didn't know it would affect all of my log ins, and I didn't know you could target specific cookies, so I wouldn't even have known to ask about that.

I can understand the frustration at the situation. I'm definitely not frustrated at any of the mods -- maybe just at my own lack of technical know-how.
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