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I use IE, and it isn't a question of not knowing how to use your browser - it's easy to delete all your cookies in one fell swoop. I had gone into windows and deleted the adventuregamers one but that didn't fix it. Not until yesterday's post, naming the forums.adventuregamers as the second one to delete, was I able to get it back working. I refused to delete all my cookies, to avoid the aggravation of having to sign back into all my regular sights. If the two cookies had been mentioned early on, there may not have been an angry post. When I found that post yesterday, I'd been just about to ask if there was another. I don't think it is realistic to expect the forum members to know the names of the cookies that AG logs into our computers, especially since they're not nearby alphabetically. Cookie files are huge, and the "find" function isn't available to search with.

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