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Originally Posted by rtrooney
If the powers that be here posted a list of the cookies that users should delete that would solve the problem, we wouldn't be having this discussion. They don't, so we're having this discussion.
Whoa... why so angry?

If you look at your cookies, you should see one that says adventuregamers and one that says forums.adventuregamers. As far as I know those are AG's only cookies, and they're easily identifiable. Deleting them, and then logging in and clicking Remember Me solves the problem. I just tried it myself (first time I logged on using IE since the forum update) and it worked.

I'm sorry you cleared all your cookies and now have to log in to all your websites again, but I'm also frustrated by the hostility directed at the AG "powers that be" over this issue. These types of upgrades happen on websites all the time. Doug didn't know when he did the forum upgrade that it would cause problems with cookies, and telling people after the fact that they can solve the problem by clearing their cookies really isn't a drastic measure. It's a matter of deleting two clearly marked files from a folder... nothing like editing your registry. If you didn't want to clear them all, you should have just asked which ones to delete before you did it.

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