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Originally Posted by temporaryscars
Of course there are a ton of bad American movies. Shit, throw a rock and you're bound to hit a "romantic comedy" and they all suck, minus The Wedding Singer, but there are a ton of shit French movies as well (hello, I Stand Alone ring a bell? Baise Moi? I rest my case.) not to mention other countries as well. But those countries also have good movies, like City of Lost Children (I think...I haven't decided yet...). So you can't say "OH MAN! IT'S A HOLLYWOOD MOVIE!? IT MUST SUCK!" because it applies to movies from everywhere.

Oh, and your comment about happy endings and characters who are all good or bad, that's complete crap. I haven't seen a movie like that since the 60's. The majority of characters from movies today have some sort of flaw/redeeming quality unless it's a childrens movie. And you see bad endings just as much as you see happy ones. Look at your friggin avatar.
I'm confused. What's being american has to do with it? Most of my favorite movies are american, just not hollywoodian, like Requiem for a Dream, which you strangely used as an example.

Hollywoodian movies have shitty characters, shitty endings, shitty values, with some extremely rare exceptions. And don't give me the "hero has flaws" argument, the "I look and behave like a badass but really deep inside I'm a good guy" hero is as old a cliche as the righteous hero.

I have no idea what "I stand alone is", by the way. In any case, french movies are more often than not trying to be something more than pretty and shiny dumb things (although it's more and more the case these days). They end up shitty as often as hollywoodian movies, but at least, like I said, they're interesting.
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