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Originally Posted by temporaryscars
I don't get people who shun Hollywood movies because they're a nice and shiny package. You all try so hard to be cool and "indie" by watching films from like...friggin Siberia or awful French films like Amalie...ya know, films that are odd for the sake of being odd.

If a movie is good, then it's good. It doesn't matter what its budget is.
They're not good.

And what I mean is, some of them are really bad, most of them are tolerable, but have always the same inherent flaws (stupid happy endings, Punisher syndrome - the law isn't up to it, so I will kill all the evil doers - , marriage is the only acceptable way for two people to be together syndrome, evil evil evil bad guys, and sickeningly nice good guys, etc...), and a very few manage to somehow escape those flaws, or at least some of them.
Like Master and Commander (if that's a Hollywood movie).

Take Gladiator, for example, what could have been an excellent movie what ruined at the end by turning history on its head for the sake of morals. Hollywood has that effect on movies. On most of them, anyway.

EDIT: And I wish people would stop assume that people watch so-called weird movies because the want ot feel indie and cool. These movies focus on creativity instead of following established recipes for success. That makes them, you know, more interesting, and sometimes *shock* far better.
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