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Originally Posted by Jeysie
Hmm. Are we limited to just graphic adventures? Because IMHO no puzzle causes the sensation of your soul being sucked out with a straw quite like the Babel Fish puzzle in Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

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"The Babel Fish shoots out of the machine and bounces off a mirror. It lands on a pillow, and the fish flops down into a grating. Luckily, that tentacle creature you bred is waiting and spikes him back out, but then he soars right into a blender. The blender is on. The fish is pureed, poured out of a straw, automatically reconstructed, then dumped into a large pool, where your floatation device saves it from almost certain doom. The floatie wades across the pool, but the fish is snagged on a large hook. The hook senses impact and begins to raise up on a chain. When the chain gets stuck, a little robot comes out and fries it apart, dropping the whole device onto the concrete below. The fish flails helplessly into a paper cup, right as a cleaner droid is picking it up to throw it in the trash. Luckily, you put that bar right in its path; the droid trips and the cup (containing the fish) rolls over to your feet. You step on the cup to stop it from rolling, but push too hard and squish your babel fish. TRY AGAIN!!!"
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