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Originally Posted by stuboy
I haven't read all the replies, so sorry if someones already said this, but the rocket puzzle in Myst gets my vote. For the record, Mr. Miller, not everyone is musically gifted! I spent hours on that, and it even stumped two musically inclined friends. Compared to that, the maze in selenitic was easy.
When I first played Myst that puzzle totally killed me. I had to use a tape recorder to complete it. Nowadays, after a bit of mandatory ear training courses at college , I can allign all of the sliders after hearing only a single reference pitch from the organ. But really though, you shouldn't need to train for adventure games.

Also, does anybody know if the organ sounds the same in RealMyst? As I recall, the organ tone was kind of lame in the original myst.

Originally Posted by Karmillo
15 Minutes!? What kind of sorry excuse of gameplay is that supposed to be?
Gameplay? This is path of the shell here. It was made to look pretty and sound nice. Gameplay was sort of an afterthought.
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