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Originally Posted by ChAoTiC
The monkey kombat in MI is what ended the game for me....its not really a puzzle, n still it takes so much time to do....just didnt wanna bother with writing down all those eek eek oop oop's.....MI4 generally was a dissapointment with the control and everything.....
It's as much of a puzzle as insult swordfighting was.

Same concept were over experience you learn which command beats another command to gain the upper hand in a fight.

The cookie puzzle in Still Life was probably one of the most frustrating as there was no feedback or clues provided to the solution.

The other Still Life puzzles I thought were perfectly fair and reasonable. The Lockpick puzzle was an excellent puzzle where the feedback was plain to see when you touched certain bits the same bits moved. It was just pattern recognition - I loved it.

The Spider puzzle I managed to do very quickly and as such didn't have a problem with it, but I could see how it might be frustrating.
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