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Originally Posted by Once A Villain
Sweet! Same projector here. My screen is a Stewart Ultramatte 150. We have pretty much the same setup so I understand where you are coming from. Now I can tell you for sure that the Smart Stretch function on that SPECIFIC projector is very nice.

Also, for me it works similar to what you do... I watch the vast majority of TV material on my regular TV, and I watch high def sports and DVD movies in my theater room.

Awesome. I have a Runco PFP-11 scaler hooked up that upconverts everything to 720p, so it'll be interesting to see how Call of Cthulhu looks on that.

By the way, Call of Cthulhu MIGHT come out on the PC. It's not definite as far as I can see. PS2 version is definitely cancelled though.

Also, Gamespot reviewed Call of Cthulhu and gave it an 8.3.
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