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Originally Posted by Avinash_Tyagi
An interesting comic, but inherently flawed.

Even Watterson stated the existence of Hobbes was something even he couldn't answer, he did that on purpose, as he wanted to leave it open for self interpretation.

So having Hobbes turn into a stuffed animal at the end is totally contradictory to the tone of the series, and the person who cobbled this pic together should have realized that if they're a real fan of the series.

Also if anyone would be trying to get out of work it would be Calvin, Hobbes is the one who often tried to get Calvin to actually do his school work.
On the contrary, it was established fairly early on that Hobbes was a stuffed tiger, but he was real to Calvin.
During the period when Hobbes is lost and found by Susie Derkins, he appears as a stuffed animal to Susie, yet he's still real to Calvin;
When the baby raccoon Calvin finds in the woods dies, Calvin's mother is seen mourning the raccoon's passing with Hobbes (in stuffed animal form), then commenting on how broken up she must be to do so;
At least once reference is made to Hobbes having to go through the washer and dryer occasionally, and to the effect that this has on Hobbes;
And finally, in one strip Hobbes gets a rip from Calvin's rough-housing which has to be sewn up by Calvin's mother.

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