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Originally Posted by stepurhan
You picked Hudson Hawk instead? Oh bad luck.
Indeed. But hey, when I was home from shopping and opened the box, I found a nice black Hudson Hawk™ baseball cap. (A disk too, of course).

Over-endowed young lady with a chainmail shirt split down the middle that barely covers her two most prominent features. Just the sort of thing to attract the attention of a hormone-addled teenage boy.
I was like ten years old!

Neverwinter Nights was a pleasant diversion. I think the two expansions, Shadows of Undrentide and Hordes of the Underdark (HOtU having high-level adventuring) showed more of what the engine was capable of.
I still haven't played the expansions... but the possibilites are almost endless. The whole thing is tile-based, so that after a while, every module starts to look the same, but still... I played it with a friend over LAN last year.. some spooky story that had us running through a dark, dark wood at night and there wasn't that much fighting involved. Scary! We used to play it with some light role-playing involved. At that time I played a kinda dumb female half-orc barbarian. She used to yell "GRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!" whenever she spotted an enemy and then kicked serious butt. That was fun.
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