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Originally Posted by samIamsad
That box is still being sold on I remember having seen Pool Of Radiance (or was it Curse Of The Azure Bonds) in a shop when I was a kid. The cover sure looked exciting. Then I flipped the box, took a look at the screenshots and picked Hudson Hawk (the game) instead.
You picked Hudson Hawk instead? Oh bad luck.

IF yoiu found the cover exciting then it was probably Curse of the Azure Bonds. Over-endowed young lady with a chainmail shirt split down the middle that barely covers her two most prominent features. Just the sort of thing to attract the attention of a hormone-addled teenage boy.

Neverwinter Nights was a pleasant diversion. I think the two expansions, Shadows of Undrentide and Hordes of the Underdark (HOtU having high-level adventuring) showed more of what the engine was capable of.
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