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Originally Posted by samIamsad
Last year I stumbled upon a Pool Of Radiance remake/module for Neverwinter Nights.

It's straightforward (a city, some areas surrounding it and some quests waiting for you to complete), and was some hack&slash fun in multiplayer. That's so cool about Neverwinter: The next D&D adventure is just a small download away.
Have the original PC version as part of the Forgotten Realms Archives boxed set. 12 games including

The Epic Series
  1. Pool of Radiance
  2. Curse of the Azure Bonds
  3. Secret of the Silver Blades
  4. Pools of Darkness

Eye of the Beholder trilogy

Dungeon Hack (a random fantasy dungeon generator)

Savage Frontier
  1. Gateway to the Savage Frontier
  2. Treasures of the Savage Frontier
And last but not least Menzoberranzan a first person shoo....erm....hacker.

Mind you, you need to have the right machine to run these games (my emboldening)
Originally Posted by manual
If you have a "fast" machine such as a 486/50MHz machine, it may be so fast that you may not be able to read messages - no matter how slow you set the speed.
Ironically, DOSBox, resource-hungry little beast that it is, allows these games to run at a perfectly playable speed on my XP PC.
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