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I've never experienced the joy of an (A)D&D p&p session, but over the years there have been many great game adoptions. For me it all started with Westwood's Eye Of The Beholder.

I've been more into Attic's Realms Of Arkania games (based on the German p&p system of the same name) and 3DO's Might&Magic series during the time when SSI made their truckload of AD&D titles (mid 80s until mid 90s). It wasn't until Baldur's Gate was released, that I had another D&D game installed on my hard disk. Awesome game, btw. Though most games used the Forgotten Realms setting (heavily influenced by standard Tolkien stuff), game developers also told stories in the Ravenloft (vampires) or the Planescape universe (Planescape:Torment, anyone?).

Here's a nice series of articles covering the history of D&D video gaming:

A high percentage of computer programmers were and are, not surprisingly, Dungeons & Dragons aficionados. There's an affinity between computer programming and games that require reams of graph paper and 20-sided dice. Both are artificial universes governed by quantifiable rules, probability, and obsessive mapping… A combination of computers and dragon-slashing games was begging to happen...
Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV
Part V

What are your favourites? Are there any D&D games in development? Atari currently owns the rights, is that correct?
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