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Hey, a fellow old-school gamer!!! Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!

lol, seriously, welcome to the best adventure forums in DA WOILD!

Have you ever played the Shivers games? The first one's set in a very atmospheric haunted museum, the second in a recently-deserted small town. Somewhat similar, thematically to the Dark Fall games, but much more vibrant colors, and moodier music.

There's a new action-y game I see getting good reviews, called F.E.A.R., but haven't played it personally. If you don't mind action, I'd add Alone in the Dark 4, The Thing, American McGee's Alice, and Clive Barker's Undying to the list of games you might like.

Other adventure games I found creepy include Bad Mojo, Post Mortem, Dracula: Resurrection, and some parts of John Saul's Blackstone Chronicles.

And to round out the list, if you don't mind some satirical horror, try Ghost Master. It's like the Sims mixed with the movie The Frighteners. Very amusing, but challenging as well.
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