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Default Horror and Dark-Themed Games

Greetings, everyone. Brian here. Pleased to meet you.

I've been playing adventure games now for a long, long, long time -- my first was Zork 1 back when was 12. At 33, I've played a lot of 'em.

I took a long, long break from adventure gaming, and I'm pleased to see the genre still somewhat well represented, although mostly through the efforts of smaller publishing houses. I suppose we'll never see the likes of the Glory Days again, but hey -- there are obviously still great games out there to play.

I am a particular fan of horror-themed games (or at least supernaturally-themed) games, and I have picked up some recent ones -- Indigo Prophecy, Black Mirror, Dark Fall, Lights Out, etc.

I'd be curious to know your favorites in this particular genre, which seems to suit adventure gaming well.

My thanks for your kind attention and your answers. I await them eagerly.


Small Edit: Recent releases, in particular, are welcomed, but of course feel free to discuss your favorites. Being a Lovecraft fan, two of mine are the classic Infocom Lurking Horror and the stellar modern text adventure Anchorhead.

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