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Yeah, I never did get into the Smurfs. There was something sickening about their asphyxiating cuteness to me. Now if only they'd do the same with Barney and the Teletubbies.....
What we need now is an animated Donnie Darko-esque Smurf gangbang film.
You guys do realize this was done with the intent to shock people into noticing the horrors of war, rather then tuning them out like we normally do.

The stuff you guys are talking about fail to serve any such purpose, this wasn't intended to be shocking for the sake of shock, but to drive home a message.

We wanted something that was real war - Smurfs losing arms, or a Smurf losing a head -but they said no.

What kind of sickos are these people?

I like it.
Again, this was done to drive home a message, and the reason they didn't allow it to be more graphic was due to children who accidentally watched the short becoming even more traumatized. The same message can be spread without being overly graphic.

It's a public service message for grownups using cute cartoon characters, am I right? My question is - is it not enough to show images of actual starving children in Nigeria, AIDS stricken babies in Africa, and tsunami survivor kids?

But perhaps it's because I'm not Belgian myself, and so might not have an innate understanding of how the culture there works.
Well no it isn't, people have stopped caring as much, you'll notice much more press about this than about kids dying in Africa.

Also I think that Belgium is like the place where the Smurf's creator Peyo was from, and so it has more meaning there.
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