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Originally Posted by Orange Brat
I don't recall having any questions at the end.
That's because there aren't Don't listen to the heathens who try so bad to find plotholes and expect the movie to tell them things the protagonists don't know (e.g. where the aliens came from) and/or assume that everything said in a movie by a friend of a protagonist must automatically be correct.

*/gripe, whine, bitch*

In all seriousness, though, there are two camps in this as far as I see it. Those who are determined to stick to their version that the movie is full of loopholes, and those who have somehow managed to fill in what the movie does not say (or do not ask those questions in the first place), and find it perfectly sane and inspiring.

It's hard to outline them without supporting my side. *banners fly reading: "War of the Worlds has no plotholes, you morons!"*
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