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OK, maybe not his best movie ever, but I enjoyed it much more than a lot of people. I liked the vibe of it...esp. the first half hour or so. The storm, the first tripod emerging, that cool merrygoround minivan scene. I liked the way it was all shot and the look of it. It was like Cruise was just another person in the crowd(particularly the tripod emerging part) and not particularly important to the scene. Hard to explain, but my best friend also said the same thing. He loved it even more than me...called it instant classic and one of the best movies he's ever seen.

No problems with the ending either. There's really no other way to end it. We don't need another big battle, no more human made computer virii infecting alien technology. We got Cruise taking out one tripod on his own and the military blowing one up and that's more than enough.

I don't recall having any questions at the end.
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