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The last movies I've seen in theaters and DVD:

Heights - great little indie film with Glenn Close and James Marsden(among others)...huge twist ending I didn't see coming


Me and You and Everyone We Know - another indie...quirky romantic comedy. Pretty intense sex talk from minors(5-16 year olds) which was kind of uncomfortable, although that's probably the point


The Island - Bay's best work. I loved it...too bad it's a flop

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - Burton back in Scissorhands territory. Elfman's score is also great and it's good to hear him do an early 90s quality score for a change

Fantastic 4 - not too bad actually. Better than it deserved to be but no Batman Begins or even The Incredibles

The Devil's Rejects - brilliant, sadistic 70s grindhouse homage. A thousand times better than it's prequel, House of 1000 Corpses. Actually, it isn't really a sequel, and is simply another story using characters from the first one, so no need to see the other, stylish but flawed, first film

The Skeleton Key - haven't seen it but I've seen the trailer so many times I'm going to go ahead and say I did

Dark Water - looks nice and great acting but not a very good horror film. Great atmosphere, though

War of the Worlds - one of my favorites of the year and Spielberg's best movie ever

Mr. & Mrs. Smith - funny as hell and a fun little romp

Batman Begins - saw it 5 favorite movie of the year so far

Sin City - saw it 4 times....brilliant

Crash - deals with racial themes and stereotypes. Beautiful little film

The Interpreter - stellar little thriller

Episode III - best of the Star Wars prequels...I liked it as much as Empire

DVD: 21 Grams, Raging Bull, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, A Letter to Three Wives, Breakfast at Tiffanys, Roman Holiday, Requiem for a Dream
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